Hello!! My name is Alejandra, and I consider myself an artist, I appreciate art but I also love to create it. Art has so many levels and is so broad, that would probably explain why it took me 7 years to Graduate from UNLV, I explored it all, sculpture, painting, B&W photo, digital photo and graphic design. I think art is and all-together item and should be combined when possible. I love working for different people and customizing art work specifically for one person. I've been specializing in wedding photography and glamour shots lately, but I always try to get new ideas in between the ordinary. I love the fact that we can capture moments, freeze them, enlarge them and share them with our love ones, it is the most rewarding feeling to see people get an emotion when looking at your piece of art, and I would love to make that happen for you. Please feel free to explore my website and send me a message if you have any questions. Let's make art together!!!